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First World Congress on Maritime Heritage Challenges Society's Relationship with the Oceans

A three-day meeting of maritime industry, government leaders, scientists and scholars was held in Singapore to explore the intersections and impacts of maritime heritage.  Organized by the Consortium for International Maritime Heritage (CIMH) the key message from this first World Congress on Maritime Heritage is a simple one:  the oceans are in trouble and if the oceans are in trouble, so too is the earth. 

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Protecting Life Below Water

This article at Safety4Sea underscores why we all need to change our behaviors and practices:

“Oceans, seas and coastal areas cover the vast majority of our planet’s surface, as two-thirds of the planet is water. Oceans are a life-giving force considering the fact that our drinking water, weather, climate, food, and oxygen, are driven by the sea. For this reason, it is of vital importance to protect the seas through enhanced ocean conservation and sustainable practices.”

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