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First World Congress on Maritime Heritage Challenges Society's Relationship with the Oceans

A three-day meeting of maritime industry, government leaders, scientists and scholars was held in Singapore to explore the intersections and impacts of maritime heritage.  Organized by the Consortium for International Maritime Heritage (CIMH) the key message from this first World Congress on Maritime Heritage is a simple one:  the oceans are in trouble and if the oceans are in trouble, so too is the earth. 

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World Congress on Maritime Heritage Assembles Experts on Ocean Governance-- A Pivotal Maritime Issue

For centuries, humans have sought to create order in the oceans to facilitate trade, to use its resources and to govern the conduct of nations on the vast waters. It is no accident that nations fully utilizing the benefits of the oceans find economic and societal strength. Governance of these valuable resources has become increasingly important for trade as well as to meet geopolitical interests.

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Shipping Industry Facing Identity Crisis

Aligning with Public Facing Stakeholders a Commercial Necessity

Increased regulatory requirements. Public demand for reducing environmental impacts. Transparency provided by the internet and social networks. All these factors are contributing to the necessity of the maritime industry to re-focus its public image. But how?

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Sustainability in Shipping a Focus of World Maritime Heritage Congress

The Ocean as a Pathway to a Sustainable Future a Key Theme

Much of the maritime industry’s focus today is on sustainability in shipping. Driven by public demand leading to global regulations and supported by scientific research that the planet is in trouble, many are looking to the oceans for solutions.

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Keep Up with the Conversation on Maritime Heritage

View the Webcast - Industry Leaders Discuss the Importance of the World Congress on Maritime Heritage to the Sustainability of Maritime’s Future

As a lead up to the Inaugural World Congress on Maritime Heritage in March, a conversation about the importance of this Congress and its relevance was broadcast to the world. You can still tune in. . .

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United Nation’s International Maritime Organization Secretary-General to Keynote Maritime Heritage Conference in Singapore in March 2019

Secretary-General Kitack Lim to address more than 300 international leaders at inaugural Congress held at Resorts World Sentosa

Underscoring the importance of the inaugural World Congress on Maritime Heritage, to be held from 13 to 15 March 2019 in Singapore, the United Nation’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) Secretary-General Kitack Lim will provide a keynote address at the beginning of the Congress. Co-organised by the Consortium for International Maritime Heritage (CIMH) and Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), the Congress will address the current state of the shipping industry, examine the sector’s past influence on global trade and cultural influences as featured in the world’s maritime museums, illuminate signature undersea archeological and exploration activities, and connect these communities to provide a window into the future.

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World Maritime Heritage Congress to Analyse Threats and Opportunities in the Arctic

Arctic no longer protected by its remoteness; exposed to human influences.

For most of its history, the Arctic has been protected by its remoteness and inaccessibility. Today, however, very few areas are truly removed from the influences of human activities. Climate change has made the Arctic and its resources more accessible than ever before in recorded human history.

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